Maine Courts Response to COVID-19

Heath Status Requirements

Regardless of vaccination status, no person may enter a courthouse or other Judicial Branch facility if that individual:

  1. Is experiencing symptoms related to COVID-19, or
  2. Has tested positive for COVID-19 or been advised to self-quarantine within the last 5 days.

Before Traveling to a Courthouse

Courts and clerk's offices may close unexpectedly. Call the clerk's office or check the Court Alerts & Closings before traveling to a courthouse.

Pandemic and Post-Pandemic Management Orders

Starting in March 2020, the Judicial Branch issued a series of Pandemic Management Orders (PMOs) and Post-Pandemic Management Orders (PPMOs) to address health and safety concerns raised by the COVID-19 pandemic and make necessary changes to court practices, processes, and procedures as a result of the pandemic.

During the last three years, as the circumstances of the pandemic and the needs of the courts have changed, the Judicial Branch revised and rescinded several of the PMOs and PPMOs. In addition, because many of the practices, processes, and procedures implemented by the PMOs proved to be effective and efficient, the Supreme Judicial Court determined to continue some of the practices, processes, and procedures in PMOs that remain in effect. The Court has also incorporated some provisions from prior PMOs into Administrative Orders (referenced below).

Related Administrative Orders

Rescinded PMOs

The following PMOs were previously or are now rescinded:

  • PMO-SJC-1 (compendium of multiple provisions);
  • PMO-SJC-2(B) through (E) (governing electronic filing of certain motions directly bearing on a defendant's liberty interests, termination dates for extended deadlines, and face-to-face or in‑person contacts with children and families);
  • PMO-SJC-5 (quarantine procedures);
  • PMO-SJC-6 (prescribing emergency rules for forcible entry and detainer (eviction) cases)
  • PMO-SJC-7 (remote proceedings and public access);
  • PMO-SJC-9 (screening questions upon entry to a court facility);
  • PMO-SJC-10 (procedures for hearing child protection cases); and,
  • PMO-SJC-11(extending continuing legal education deadlines).
  • PMO-SJC-12 (creating a pilot project for stand-alone small claims mediation)
  • PMO-SJC-4 (Administration of the 2021 Maine Bar Exam) is no longer in effect.

Frequently Asked Questions

See the COVID-19 FAQs for answers to your most frequently asked questions about the Judicial Branch's response to the novel coronavirus pandemic.


Please consult this page for updates on the Judicial Branch's response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Updates will be made as new information becomes available. If you have questions about whether you should go to a courthouse, call the clerk's office or 207-753-2999.

For general inquiries concerning the Judicial Branch's response to the COVID-19 pandemic, contact