Court Alerts

Face masks are not required to enter a courthouse or other Judicial Branch facility. Please be advised certain areas of a courthouse, such as small conference rooms, may require masking. Please see PPMO-SJC-1.

Active Alerts & Closings

In times of inclement weather and during the COVID-19 public health emergency, please call the clerk's office before traveling to the courthouse to confirm that the proceeding has not been canceled or rescheduled. If a court is closed due to inclement weather, all court events, including but not limited to remote events such as I/Cs, remote criminal and civil hearings, mediations, and settlement conferences are also postponed. Please note, however, that remote traffic trials (for traffic infraction cases) will proceed as scheduled unless the Violations Bureau is listed below as closed.

Location Notice
Bridgton District Court

Beginning Thursday, May 2, the Bridgton District Court building will be closed to the public every Thursday and Friday through the end of May. The clerk's office will be available by phone on those days.

Administrative Office of the Courts & Violations Bureau Closings

Generally, when the clerks’ offices in courts in Portland (Cumberland County Superior, Portland District, & Supreme Judicial Court) or Augusta (Kennebec County Superior & Augusta District) are closed, the Administrative Office of the Courts located in the same city is closed; and, in most instances, when the Lewiston District Court is closed, the Violations Bureau is closed. If you are planning to do business with any of those offices, please call to confirm that the office is open.