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Assigned Counsel
To become eligible to receive assignments you must file an application with the Commission on Indigent Legal Services. More information is available on the Maine Commission on Indigent Legal Services website.

Administrative Orders & Court Rules

 Board of Overseers of the Bar

The Maine Board of Overseers of the Bar was created by the Maine Supreme Judicial Court in 1978 and governs the conduct of lawyers as officers of the Court.    

Information on appeals to the Supreme Judicial Court or Superior Court.

Court Alternative Dispute Resolution (CADRES)


Court Committees

Court Security

Court Schedules

Uniform Maine Citations provides updated rules for the citation of Maine legal authorities, including judicial decisions, constitutional provisions, statutory and legislative materials, court rules, treatises, periodicals, and miscellaneous Maine authorities.


Foreclosure Diversion Program





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CITRIX™ ShareFile
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  • CITRIX™ ShareFile is an online file transfer platform for filings in criminal, civil violation and juvenile cases in superior and district courts.
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