For the Media

Cameras and Audio Recording in the Courtroom

Maine has strict rules about whether or when cameras are permitted to be used in the courtroom, and in every case, the presiding justice may impose additional conditions to assure a fair trial. Information about cameras and audio recording equipment is available in Administrative Order JB-05-15.

Media Notification: Requested Coverage of Court Proceedings. This form is to be used by members of the media who are requesting media coverage in district or superior court proceedings. All forms should be submitted at least 24 hours in advance of the proceedings to the Clerk of Court office that is handling the case.

Electronic Devices 

Use of other electronic devices, such as a laptop, tablets and smart phones is prohibited without the consent of the judge. See Administrative Order JB-05-16.

Interview Requests

No interviews may be conducted inside the courthouse, and entrances are not to be blocked.

Court Records

All record search requests must be submitted using the Request for Records Search form.

Court Reports & Data

Caseload statistics for the Supreme Judicial Court, Superior Court and District Court are profiled in Judicial Branch Annual Reports, as well as summarized financial information for the Judicial Branch. See Reports & Data.

High Proflle Cases

See the High Profile Cases for non-confidential court documents in cases of great interest to the media and the public.

Media Contact

Members of the media who require assistance may contact Barbara Cardone, Esq., Director of Legal Affairs and Public Relations at (207) 213-2997 or