Maine Judicial Branch Removes Mask Requirement for Most Courthouse Areas

Date: 3/14/2022

Masks are no longer required in Judicial Branch facilities except for smaller rooms where a masking requirement is posted.

The Maine Judicial Branch announced today that it has lifted masking requirements for its facilities because of revised CDC recommendations and the latest COVID-19 community transmission rates, which continue to decrease. Masks may be required in smaller rooms where a requirement to wear a mask is specifically posted. 3-ply masks will be available from Judicial Marshals at courthouse entry screening.

The change in COVID-19 protocols is reflected in a revised Post-Pandemic Management Order-SJC-1, effective March 14, 2022 (PPMO-SJC-1). Other than the change in the mask requirement, all other COVID-19 protocols remain in effect, including:

  • The use of remote proceedings for many court proceedings as provided in Administrative Order JB-21-05;
  • COVID-19 entry screening questions;
  • Maximum capacity limits; and
  • Quarantine and isolation procedures.

Although masks will not be required as of today, visitors and Judicial Branch staff may, of course, wear masks if they wish.

Supporting documents

Press Release (PDF)