Judicial Branch Reminds Visitors to Check the "Active Alerts" Link on Its Website Before Traveling to a Courthouse

Date: 1/10/2022

Pandemic-related staffing issues may cause courthouses to close to the public on little or no notice

The Maine Judicial Branch is advising the public that the resurgence of the COVID-19 virus has affected staffing levels at its courthouses and may cause a courthouse to close to the public on little or no notice.

Since the start of the pandemic, the Judicial Branch has posted information on the courts' response to COVID-19 on www.courts.maine.gov, and has reminded the public to check the "Courts Alerts" page before traveling to a courthouse. Courts Alerts information can be found by clicking on a link on an orange banner that is visible at the top of every webpage.

Courthouse visitors may also call the clerks office before traveling to court to confirm that the court proceeding or docket has not been canceled or rescheduled because of inclement weather or pandemic-related staffing issues. Contact information for district and superior court clerks offices may be found on the Courts section of the website here: https://www.courts.maine.gov/courts/index.html.

Contact: Amy Quinlan, Esq., Director of Court Communications
Phone: (207) 822-0716
Email: amy.quinlan@courts.maine.gov

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