Court Help Videos

The short videos below will help you better understand court processes and procedures.

More help resources can be found on the Guides & Publications page.

More short informational videos from the National Center for State Courts are available on the Judicial Branch Vimeo page here.
Topics: Legal Language 101; Understanding Court Papers: What to Do After Being Served; Understanding the Difference Between Civil and Criminal Cases; Decoding Legal Jargon; and Understanding the Kinds of Help Court Staff Can Provide.

Family Matters

Protection from Abuse vs. Protection from Harassment

How to File for Divorce or Parental Rights and Responsibilities (Custody)

How to Change or Enforce a Court's Final Order of Divorce or Parental Rights and Responsibilities

Jury Service

State of Maine Judicial Branch Juror Informational Video


Mediation in the Maine State Courts

Foreclosure Mediation in Court

Small Claims

Criminal Cases

Arraignment in Maine