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Recent Rule Amendments & Orders Regarding Rules

Order Number Rule Set Adopted or Amended Rule Nos. Adopted or Amended Subject Effective Date
2023 Me. Rules 02 Bar Admission 6(a); 11A(e); 11B(d) Forms of payment of application fee; time for admission to bar 3/1/23
2023 Me. Rules 01 Civil (Family) 110B; 114A Pretrial procedure; real estate orders and abstracts 2/15/23
2022 Me. Rules 08 Bar 13(g)(3); 14(a)(7); 18(g) Transcripts of Grievance Commission proceedings; release of information to law enforcement or Maine Assistance Program for Lawyers and Judges 11/8/22
2022 Me. Rules 07 Civil (Family) 110A(a), (b)(4)(A) Authority of Family Law Magistrates to determine interim parental rights and responsibilities 10/13/22
2022 Me. Rules 06 Bar Admission 3(c); 11(d) Vice-chair of Board of Bar Examiners; expiration of MPRE score 10/4/22
2022 Me. Rules 05 Civil 5(a); 55(a), (b), (d), (f) Service of requests for default or default judgment; defaults and default judgments in foreclosures and actions by "debt collectors" 10/11/22
2022 Me. Rules 04 Appellate 19(a)(2)(J); 23(b)(5) Appeals from orders on motions to seal criminal history record information; length of response to petition for appellate review in workers' compensation appeals 9/2/22
2022 Me. Rules 03 Appellate 1(c); 2A(b)-(c); 2C(a)(1); 7(b)(1); 7A; 10 Signatures; representation on appeal; time to file notice of appeal; time for filing briefs; Track A appeals; contents of briefs; electronic filing of motions 7/13/22
2022 Me. Rules 02 Bar 1(g); 4(a) Requirement to provide email address to receive service of documents 7/1/22
2022 Me. Rules 01 Guardians ad litem 10(d)(4) Continuing education; courses presented or approved by Maine Judicial Branch 3/31/22

Procedural Rules

(Updated January 31, 2023)

Rules Governing Judges, Lawyers, and Guardians ad Litem

(Updated February 28, 2023)

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