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Recent Rule Amendments & Orders Regarding Rules

Order Number Rule Set Adopted or Amended Rule Nos. Adopted or Amended Subject Effective Date
2023 Me. Rules 08 Bar Admission 11A(a)(2), (3) Admission by motion of attorneys who attended a law school that conducts its courses by correspondence or that does not require attendance at lectures or classes; technical correction 11/14/23
2023 Me. Rules 07 Civil 3; 4(a); 4A(c), (g); 4B(c), (e), (i); 5; 7(e), (f); 11; 12; 24(c); 25(a)(1); 30; 33; 34(b); 36(a); 41(a), (d); 65(a); 67; 76C(b); 76D; 76F(a); 80F(b); 80K(a), (h); 80L(b), (c); 83; 93(f) Technical changes and clarifications, in part to ensure consistency with Maine Rules of Electronic Court Systems 11/15/23
2023 Me. Rules 06 Maine Assistance Program for Lawyers Title of set; preamble; 1 Name of program 9/28/23
2023 Me. Rules 05 Judicial Conduct 2.15(F) Exception from mandatory reporting of misconduct for information obtained during participation in Maine Assistance Program for Lawyers and Judges or equivalent program 9/28/23
2023 Me. Rules 04 Professional Conduct 8.3(c) Exception from mandatory reporting of misconduct for information obtained during participation in Maine Assistance Program for Lawyers and Judges or equivalent program; name of program 9/28/23
Standing order
(No number)
Electronic Court Systems  14 Paper versions of pleadings accessible to the public under MRECS 8/18/23
2023 Me. Rules 03 Civil 92(g) Mediation in Title 32 Consumer Collection Actions 6/5/23
Standing order
(No number)
Civil 120 Timing of motions for findings of fact and conclusions of law in family matters 3/10/23
2023 Me. Rules 02 Bar Admission 6(a); 11A(e); 11B(d) Forms of payment of application fee; time for admission to bar 3/1/23
2023 Me. Rules 01 Civil (Family) 110B; 114A Pretrial procedure; real estate orders and abstracts 2/15/23
2022 Me. Rules 08 Bar 13(g)(3); 14(a)(7); 18(g) Transcripts of Grievance Commission proceedings; release of information to law enforcement or Maine Assistance Program for Lawyers and Judges 11/8/22
2022 Me. Rules 07 Civil (Family) 110A(a), (b)(4)(A) Authority of Family Law Magistrates to determine interim parental rights and responsibilities 10/13/22
2022 Me. Rules 06 Bar Admission 3(c); 11(d) Vice-chair of Board of Bar Examiners; expiration of MPRE score 10/4/22
2022 Me. Rules 05 Civil 5(a); 55(a), (b), (d), (f) Service of requests for default or default judgment; defaults and default judgments in foreclosures and actions by "debt collectors" 10/11/22
2022 Me. Rules 04 Appellate 19(a)(2)(J); 23(b)(5) Appeals from orders on motions to seal criminal history record information; length of response to petition for appellate review in workers' compensation appeals 9/2/22
2022 Me. Rules 03 Appellate 1(c); 2A(b)-(c); 2B(b)-(c); 2C(a)(1); 7(b)(1); 7A; 10 Signatures; representation on appeal; time to file notice of appeal; time for filing briefs; Track A appeals; contents of briefs; electronic filing of motions 7/13/22
2022 Me. Rules 02 Bar 1(g); 4(a) Requirement to provide email address to receive service of documents 7/1/22
2022 Me. Rules 01 Guardians ad litem 10(d)(4) Continuing education; courses presented or approved by Maine Judicial Branch 3/31/22

Procedural Rules

(Updated November 14, 2023)

Rules Governing Judges, Lawyers, and Guardians ad Litem

(Updated November 21, 2023)

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