Legal Disclaimer: Maine Judicial Branch and the Administrative Office of the Courts staff are not permitted to give legal advice. The information on the topics below is intended to give you an overview of the law and procedures that may apply in the types of cases indicated. Please keep in mind that a court’s decision in an individual case is based on the specific law, facts, and circumstances that apply to the individual case. The information here is general and does not constitute legal advice. If you have questions about your legal rights, please consult an attorney.


Abuse & Harassment
How to get or respond to a Protection from Abuse or Harassment complaint or order.

Filing or responding to a Petition for Divorce, spousal support, more.

Information on guardianship of children and incapacitated adults.

Wills & Estates
Maine Probate Courts handle all estates; guardianships for adults and minors; conservatorship; changes of name and other legal matters.

Maine eCourts
Information about the Judicial Branch's new online court case management system.


Traffic Violations
How to pay a ticket or contest a traffic ticket or moving violation.

Criminal Cases
Information on the process of a criminal case, drug treatment courts, background checks, and more.

Jury Service
Responding to a Jury Summons, exemptions from service, and more.

Families & Children
Child support, parental rights, child protection cases, GAL/CASA, some adoptions, more.

Juvenile Cases
Procedures for cases involving persons under 18 charged with certain offenses, sealing a record, and more.

Court Records
To get a certified or attested copy of a judgment or other non-electronic court record, contact the clerk's office in the court where the case was handled. Find a Court. 


Eviction (Forcible Entry & Detainer)
Filing and responding to an FED complaint.

Information about the Foreclosure Diversion Program.

Small Claims
How to file or respond to a small claims case in District Court.

Consumer Protection
Maine Attorney General's Consumer Law Guide  is an online guide with information on consumers’ rights.

Mediation & Alternative Dispute Resolution
Information about mediation in certain types of cases.

Information on appeals to the Supreme Judicial Court or Superior Court.


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