Court Transcripts

A court transcript is a written record of every word spoken in a court proceeding. A transcript is produced either from an audio recording of the proceeding or from the record taken by an official court reporter.

Order a transcript or audio recording

1. In connection with an appeal

Parties or their attorneys may order a transcript by submitting a Transcript and Audio Order Form (CV/CR/JV-165) to the clerk's office where the proceeding was held. Submit at the same time the notice of appeal is filed. The same order form is used for all civil and criminal cases.

2. For any other purpose

Anyone can order a transcript of any public court proceeding for reference or other purposes. To order:

Please note: the public may order transcripts or audio recordings of any recorded proceeding with the exception of nonpublic proceedings. Nonpublic proceedings include juvenile, child protection, involuntary commitment, bar discipline, and any other proceeding which is restricted by federal or state law, court rule, or administrative order.

Information needed to order a transcript or audio recording

To order a transcript or audio recording of a proceeding, you will need the following information:

  • The name of the case and docket number (assigned by the clerk’s office);
  • The date of the hearing;
  • The "start time" of the case; and
  • Your contact information.

If you do not know the docket number, start time, or other required information, you may contact the clerk’s office in the court where the proceeding was held.

You may order a transcript of just a certain person’s testimony from the proceeding. On the Transcript and Audio Order Form (CV/CR/JV-165), indicate the name of the witness you want transcribed- for example, "Testimony of John Smith only."



The cost of a court transcript is determined by the total number of pages and the turnaround time requested. After submitting your order, you will be contacted with an estimate of the cost of the transcript. The estimated cost must be paid before the transcript is produced.

Turnaround Time Cost
1-day $5.75 per page
3-days $4.65 per page
7-days $4.35 per page
14-days $3.95 per page
21-days $3.70 per page
30-days* $3.30 per page

Additional copies of a previously produced transcript may be purchased for $.95 per page.

*The turnaround time for transcripts being provided at state expense is usually 30 days unless the court orders a shorter turnaround time.

Audio recordings

You may order an audio CD or Mp3 for $50 for the first copy and $10 for each additional copy (this includes copies of previously ordered audio recordings). The turnaround time for an audio recording is seven (7) business days.

Parties who cannot afford to pay for a transcript or audio recording

If you cannot afford the cost of a transcript or audio recording of a proceeding and the court finds that a transcript or audio recording of all or a portion of a recorded proceeding is necessary for an appeal, you may ask that the transcript be produced at state expense. File a Motion for Transcript at State Expense (CV/CR/JV-166) form with your Notice of Appeal and Transcript and Audio Order Form (CV/CR/JV-165).

The court may order a transcript to be produced at state expense for appeals of individuals who cannot afford to pay in the following types of cases:

  • Child protection;
  • Involuntary commitment;
  • Appointment of a guardian;
  • Termination of guardianship of a minor;
  • Adoption; and
  • Termination of parental rights.

In other types of cases, the court may:

  • Order that an audio copy of an electronically recorded proceeding be provided at state expense in lieu of a transcript;
  • Limit the portions of the record that are necessary for the appeal to those it deems appropriate; or
  • Require the parties to prepare and submit for the court’s approval a “statement of the evidence in lieu of a transcript.” See M.R. Civ. P. 91 for more information.

Errors and incorrect transcriptions

If you think an error was made or that the proceeding was transcribed incorrectly, contact:

  • The court reporter who produced the transcript; OR
  • The Office of Transcript Operations.

Indicate exactly what you think was transcribed incorrectly. If the transcriber agrees, the transcript will be corrected. If, after review, it is determined no error was made, you will be notified that the transcript stands as submitted.

Office of Transcript Operations

The Office of Transcript Operations (OTO) coordinates the preparation of transcripts and audio recordings with clerks’ offices, official court reporters, and the court system’s online transcription contractor, eScribers.

Please contact OTO if you have general questions about court transcripts or audio recordings, any concerns about the quality of an audio recording, or the accuracy of a transcript produced from an audio recording of a proceeding.


Office of Transcript Operations
Penobscot Judicial Center
78 Exchange Street, Suite 200, Bangor, ME 04401
Phone: 207-991-6322
TTY: Maine Relay 711