Interpreter & Translation Services

This section has information for court users who require a spoken language interpreter, American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter, or translated court forms or documents in connection with a Maine Judicial Branch court proceeding.

The Maine Judicial Branch is committed to providing court users with meaningful access to the courts at no cost, regardless of the language they speak.

All Limited English Proficient (LEP) individuals who are parties or witnesses in any type of court case, and parents of minors involved in juvenile actions, will be provided with an interpreter in all court proceedings.

"Limited English Proficient" or LEP means that a person is not able to understand English or communicate in English, either because English is not the person's primary language or because the person is not able to understand at the level needed for court proceedings. Individuals who are deaf, hard of hearing, or late-deafened and whose primary language is ASL, or who require special devices or services to communicate in court due to a hearing disability, are also considered to be LEP. The Judicial Branch is committed to identifying language access needs in the state courts and to providing language services to meet those needs.


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