Maine Judicial Branch Announces Expansion of Remote Court Proceedings

Date: 10/1/2021

The Maine Judicial Branch has announced that, effective October 4, 2021, the preferred format for most court proceedings in all Maine trial courts will be by telephone or video.

Administrative Order JB-21-05 ("Order") provides that unless the presiding judicial officer specifically orders otherwise, the following court proceedings will be held remotely by telephone or video:

  • Dispositional conferences pursuant in criminal cases;
  • Non-testimonial hearings or conferences in criminal cases;
  • Pretrial or status conferences and non-testimonial hearings in family matters cases;
  • Uncontested final hearings in family matters cases;
  • Pretrial, discovery or status conferences and non-testimonial hearings in civil cases; and
  • Stipulated judicial reviews, status conferences, and pretrial conferences in child protection cases.
With respect to proceedings not specifically listed above, any party may file a motion requesting that their proceeding be heard remotely, explaining in detail the basis for the request. Conversely, parties may file a motion requesting that instead of being heard remotely, their court proceeding be held in person, again explaining the reason for the request.

The Order provides details on how litigants and attorneys are to comport themselves in remote proceedings and provides the same process as was provided pre-pandemic to allow for public and media access to remote non-confidential proceedings.

Contact: Amy Quinlan, Esq., Director of Court Communications
Phone: (207) 822-0716

Supporting documents

Press Release (PDF)

Administrative Order JB-21-05 (PDF)