Accessing Electronic Court Records

Access to electronic court records is governed by the Maine Rules of Electronic Court Systems (MRECS). MRECS "weigh[s] the importance of both public access and protection of privacy in court records in the context of an electronic case management and filing system" and creates three broad categories of access:

  • Records accessible only by attorneys of record and parties;
  • Records accessible by the public remotely; and
  • Records accessible by the public only at a courthouse where eFiling is available.

MRECS provides that certain information, data, documents, and cases are "nonpublic" (restricted from public access).


re:SearchMaine is the new online platform for accessing electronic court records where eFiling is available. re:SearchMaine is replacing the Maine eCourts Odyssey Portal.

Attorneys of Record

Attorneys of record who electronically file (eFile) documents to the court using eFileMaine can access their electronic case records in re:SearchMaine. There is no process to request remote access for attorneys of record in re:SearchMaine and the login credentials (username and password) are the same as your eFileMaine account.

There is no fee for downloading your own case documents.


Parties can access most of their electronic case records in civil and family cases remotely (without having to go to the courthouse). Records in cases that are not civil and family cases, such as criminal cases are not available electronically yet.

To access electronic civil and family case records remotely, parties must provide an email address to the court and register for an account on re:SearchMaine.

  • Please note: The email address provided to the court must be the same email used to register an account on re:SearchMaine to obtain remote access to electronic case records. If a party has not provided an email address to the court, or the email address provided needs to be updated, the Notice of Change of Address (CR-CV-FM-199) must be completed and submitted to the court.

There is no fee for downloading your own case documents.

Members of the Public

Members of the public can search for electronic court records using re:SearchMaine. To search for an electronic court record on re:SearchMaine you must first register for an account. There is no fee to register and conduct searches.

The public can access remotely via re:SearchMaine a list of court events called the Registry of Actions (ROA) for cases for which eFiling is available, and records the court makes accessible remotely.

To access all other publicly available electronic court documents, members of the public must visit a courthouse where eFiling is available.

  • Please note: Members of the public may request paper copies of public electronic court records free of charge at the Penobscot Judicial Center in Bangor, the Business and Consumer Court in Portland, and the Lewiston District Court.

Access to case records that are sealed, impounded, or made nonpublic by law may only be obtained by court order. Persons seeking access to court records not publicly available may file a motion for access in accordance with applicable court rules of procedure. Any access provided will not be remote.

What electronic court records are accessible remotely?

Currently, the public may search for and view electronic Registry of Actions (ROA) for many types of civil cases including:

  • Traffic tickets (citations) (statewide)
  • Business and Consumer Docket cases;
  • Personal injury tort;
  • Non-personal injury tort;
  • Contract;
  • Declaratory or equitable relief;
  • Constitutional/civil rights;
  • Title to real estate and related proceedings;
  • 80B/80C appeals and other civil appeals;
  • Money judgments; and
  • After judgment, if the plaintiff prevailed, in Forcible Entry and Detainer (FED or eviction), small claims, and foreclosure cases.

Also, the public may search and view records the court makes accessible remotely.

What electronic court records are only accessible at a courthouse?

The public may access electronic court records in civil and family cases at a courthouse where eFiling is available, unless the court records are deemed nonpublic pursuant to MRECS or confidential by law. 

Legacy cases

Court records for closed or inactive cases (sometimes called "legacy cases") are not available as electronic records except in traffic cases. A request may be made for a court record by contacting the clerk's office in the court where the case was handled. See also the Request for Records Search instructions and form.

Need help?

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