Request an Accommodation

Requests for disability accommodations should include:

  • A statement of disability;
  • A description of the specific accommodation requested; and
  • An explanation why the accommodation is needed.

Medical Information

Medical information should not be attached to the disability accommodation request form and, if submitted, will be kept confidential and disclosed only as necessary to make an accommodation decision or as required by law. In most cases, additional medical information will not be needed, but the court may ask for supporting documents from your medical provider to help make a decision.

Merits of the Case

Requests for disability accommodations should not include any information or arguments regarding the merits of the case or court proceeding.

How to Submit

Please make a request for accommodation in writing on a Disability Accommodation Request Form available online or from any clerk’s office. If you are unable to fill out the form, you may ask the Court Access Coordinator or a clerk to assist you in making your request.

Please make your accommodation request as far in advance as possible—preferably at least five (5) days before your scheduled court appearance, or immediately if your scheduled court appearance is less than five (5) days away.

Requests should be submitted:

  • To the Court Access Coordinator; or
  • To the clerk’s office where the court proceeding will take place.

Requests may also be submitted to the presiding judge in your case. Any accommodation requests made to the judge, and any accommodation decisions by the judge, may become part of your case record and may be shared with the other party or parties in your case. The Court Access Coordinator can administratively assist with many accommodations, if you prefer. Please contact the Court Access Coordinator with questions.

The Judicial Branch will arrange for reasonable disability accommodations as efficiently as possible. Sometimes there may be a delay to find an appropriate accommodation.

Disability Accommodation Decision

If your request for an accommodation is granted, the Judicial Branch will notify you and provide that accommodation in court as needed.

If your request for accommodation is denied, you will received a written statement of the reason for the denial and information on how to submit a grievance. See Grievance Procedure for Disability Accommodation for more information. 

Accommodation decisions and orders by judges are not subject to the Judicial Branch Grievance Procedure for Disability Accommodations. To seek a review of an accommodation decision by a judge, you must submit an appeal of that decision in accordance with the Maine Rules of Civil or Criminal procedure.