Translation of Documents & Other Resources

Two categories of written documents may require translation: court forms and related documents that are developed by the court for public use; and those that arise in the course of individual cases (case-specific documents).

Using Google Translate

Google Translate is a free, machine-based translation service that is available on all websites, including the Maine Judicial Branch website. Google Translate is provided strictly for user convenience and informational purposes. Please be advised that translations are only an approximation of the text and may contain inaccuracies or inappropriate terms. A person choosing to use Google Translate for personal use does so at their own risk. Google Translate should never be used to translate documents or relied upon for accurate translation of information in a Judicial Branch court proceeding.

Case-Specific Documents

The judge determines which documents should be translated and how to allocate translation costs on a case-by-case basis. There is no strict rule about which documents will be translated and who will bear the cost—these are questions decided by the judge.

Court-assigned attorneys may ask the Maine Commission on Indigent Legal Services to pay for translations if they are needed for specific cases.

Translated Court Forms

The Judicial Branch provides translations of select forms into the languages most frequently requested by court users. The Vital Documents subcommittee of the Judicial Branch LEP Advisory Committee has identified the following priority areas for translations:

  • Protection from Abuse and Harassment Cases;
  • Child Protection Cases;
  • Family Matters and Juvenile Cases;
  • Criminal Cases;
  • Mental Health Matters;
  • Civil Cases;
  • Forcible Entry and Detainer (Eviction), Foreclosure, Personal Property Recovery, and Small Claims Cases;
  • Violations Bureau (Traffic Cases); and
  • Civil Violations.

Translations of court forms and other court documents may be found on the Translated Court Forms and Documents page. Translations are ongoing as funding is available. All court forms that are filed must be in English.

Other Translated Resources

Translated Video and Transcripts

Visit the the Maine Judicial Branch on Vimeo to view a collection of informational videos that have been translated, feature side-by-side ASL interpretation, and/or include open-captions.

Transcripts for Understanding Your Rights and Responsibilities at Arraignment and the Juror Informational Video are available in multiple languages.

Understanding your Rights and Responsibilities at Arraignment translated transcripts:

Juror Informational Video translated transcripts:

Translated Guides and Publications

The following publications have been translated:

Guide to Protection from Abuse & Harassment Cases (English)

Guide for Families in Child Protection Cases  (English)


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