Maine eCourts temporarily postponed

Date: 9/25/2020

On Thursday, September 24, 2020, Tyler Technologies, the Maine Judicial Branch's CMS and eFiling vendor, announced that it was responding to a security incident involving unauthorized access to its internal phone and information technology systems by an unknown third party. Investigation of the incident is ongoing. At this time, Tyler has indicated that the incident is limited to its internal phone and network systems and that there has been no impact to client software, including Odyssey File & Serve software being implemented by the Maine Judicial Branch.

Since the announcement, Judicial Branch leadership has met with representatives of Tyler Technologies to discuss the breach and the timing of the Maine eCourts go-live date for most civil cases and family matters, which was scheduled for October 5, 2020 in Bangor District Court and Penobscot County Superior Court, as well as the Business and Consumer Docket statewide. Given the importance and scope of the project to the Maine courts and the citizens we serve and the lack of availability of Tyler resources due to this incident, the rollout will be temporarily postponed while Tyler completes its investigation and resolves their issues. Although at present there is no specific date as to when Tyler's network and services will be restored. Tyler assures us that the postponement of the Maine eCourts go-live date should be only temporary.

Judicial Branch personnel will continue to prepare for the implementation of the Maine eCourts system in the Bangor courts and BCD. We are monitoring Tylers progress to determine a new go-live date, which will be announced as soon as possible to allow for sufficient advanced notice to all. As soon as the issues at Tyler Technologies have been resolved to our satisfaction, we will resume the implementation process that was suspended on September 25.

The Violations Bureau, which has been using Odyssey since October 2018, is not affected and cases and payments are being processed normally.

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