Judicial Branch Announces Expansion of eFiling in Lewiston and Auburn Courts

Date: 10/23/2023

The Maine Judicial Branch announced today the official launch of Maine eCourts, including eFiling, in the Lewiston District Court and Androscoggin County Superior Court for most family and civil case types. Attorneys, governmental agencies, and others who file more than six court cases in a calendar year are now required to electronically file in these courts. Protection from abuse, protection from harassment, juvenile, criminal, and civil violations cases continue to be filed in paper.

"Maine eCourts" is the term used to encompass the Judicial Branch's eFiling, digital court records, online payment, and electronic case management system. The system first became available in traffic cases in Maine District Courts statewide in the fall of 2018, and in Bangor courts and the statewide Business and Consumer Docket for most civil case types, in the fall of 2020. Planning for the expansion to Lewiston and Auburn courts has been underway since January 2023. In the coming years, Maine eCourts and eFiling will be available for all case types in every court location in the state, replacing an aging docketing system known as MEJIS and paper-based case processing.

Attorneys and other mandatory eFilers must register for an account on eFileMaine to electronically file. Virtual training sessions, past recordings, and documentation is located on the Training & Resources page of the Maine Judicial Branch website. The Judicial Branch offers process related support for eFilers by email at ecourtshelp@courts.maine.gov Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. and by telephone at (207) 213-2813 Monday through Thursday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Technical and product support is offered by Tyler Technologies on their user support page.

Accessing Electronic Court Records
re:SearchMaine is the new online search tool to access electronic case records, replacing the Maine eCourts Odyssey Portal. Attorneys and parties can access their own electronic case documents on re:SearchMaine. Members of the public can search and view the Registry of Action (ROA), that lists court events, for public cases that have been electronically filed. More information on how to access court records can be found on the Accessing Electronic Court Records web page.

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