Family Law Advisory Commission (FLAC)

The Family Law Advisory Commission (FLAC) was created by the Legislature pursuant to 19-A M.R.S. section 351 for the purpose of conducting a continuing study of the family laws of Maine.

The Commission is composed of 11 members appointed by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Judicial Court for a term of two years and may be reappointed. The members shall have experience in practicing family law or shall be knowledgeable about family law. The membership consists of:

1. An active Superior Court Justice;
2. An active District Court Judge;
3. An active Family Law Magistrate;
4 An active Probate Court Judge;
5. Two members of the family law section of the Maine State Bar Association;
6. A representative of a legal services organization;
7. A representative of the Court Alternative Dispute Resolution Service;
8. A representative of the Department of Health and Human Services; and
9. Two public members, at least one of whom has experience providing mental health services.

The Commission may propose to the Legislature, at the start of each session, changes in the family law and related provisions as the Commission considers appropriate. The Commission may also make recommendations to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Judicial Court, the Advisory Committee on Civil Rules and to any other organization or committee whose affairs pertain to family law and its practice in Maine.

Membership Roster

All Terms Expire 12/9/24:

Superior Court Justice Stephen Nelson
District Court Judge John Martin (Chair)
Family Law Magistrate Steven Chandler
Probate Court Judge Scott Houde

Two members of the Family Law Section of Maine State Bar Association:

Edward S. David, Esq.
Catherin E. Miller, Esq.

Representative of legal services organization: Lindsey Ruhl, Esq., Pine Tree Legal Assistance

Representative of CADRES: Diane E. Kenty, Esq.
Representative of DHHS: Debby Willis, Esq.

Two public members, one of whom has experience providing mental health services:

Timothy E. Robbins, Esq., Executive Director, Kids First Center
Christopher McLaughlin, MSW, LCSW, Executive Director of the Maine Chapter of National Association of Social Workers

Hon. Rick E. Lawrence, Supreme Judicial Court Liaison

Updated: 11/20/23