Judicial Branch Expanding ShareFile Pilot Program to All York County Courts

Date: 2/8/2022

The Maine Judicial Branch announced today that a pilot program using the Citrix ShareFile platform for attorneys to send filings in criminal cases that began on January 18, 2022 will soon be expanded to all courts in York County. The pilot was launched initially in York County Superior Court in Alfred and will be expanded to criminal, civil violation, and juvenile case filings in York County district courts in Biddeford, Springvale, and York beginning February 11, 2022.

Administrative Order JB-21-06 ("Order"), issued on January 6, 2022 set forth the scope and process for the pilot program, which allows attorneys in these types of cases to submit filings to the court via a dedicated email address using the Citrix ShareFile platform (Pilot). ShareFile is a secure conduit by which pleadings and other filings may be submitted to the court instead of using the U.S. Postal System or filing in person.

Commenting on the expansion, Supreme Judicial Court Chief Justice Valerie Stanfill said, Reports from the York County Superior Court in Alfred indicate that after three weeks, the ShareFile Pilot is running very smoothly. We have listened to the feedback from attorneys and parties requesting more filing options during the COVID-19 epidemic and are excited to expand the Pilot to respond to the need of the legal community and court users.

The Judicial Branch will continue to evaluate the success of the Pilot for possible expansion to other courts in the state in the coming months.

More information on the Pilot and a link to the Opt-In form for attorneys is available on the Judicial Branch website's York County ShareFile Pilot page.

Contact: Amy Quinlan, Esq., Director of Court Communications
Phone: (207) 822-0716
Email: amy.quinlan@courts.maine.gov

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