Maine Judicial Branch seeks feedback and suggestions on ways to improve the Maine eCourts eFiling and Case Management System

Date: 2/22/2021

The Maine Judicial Branch announced today the creation of the Maine eCourts Stakeholders and Users Input Portal for comments, suggestions, questions, or other areas of concern related to the rollout of the Maine eCourts eFiling system and the Odyssey case management system. Stakeholders and users can complete and send comments to the Judicial Branch by email at or by calling 207 561-2313.

The Judicial Branch launched a pilot phase of eCourts and eFiling in November 2020 for most types of civil cases in Bangor courts and the Business and Consumer Docket. During the initial rollout period, the implementation team anticipated the need for additional improvements and modifications, as is common with many new technology systems. To help improve filer experience as eCourts expands to additional courts and case types, the Judicial Branch is seeking feedback and suggestions for improvements from filers and other stakeholders on every aspect of the system, including eFiling, access to court records and information, operation of the rules governing electronic filing, and support features. Every comment received will be fully reviewed and followed up on as necessary.

The Judicial Branch thanks users and stakeholders in advance for their comments, questions, and suggestions as we move forward with the implementation of eFiling and electronic case management to better serve the people of Maine.

Amendments to the Rules of Electronic Court Systems (RECS) effective March 15, 2021.

The Supreme Judicial Court also announced today that the Rules of Electronic Court Systems (RECS) have been amended to provide that a court record in a civil case will be accessible to the public upon entry into the electronic case file, unless prohibited by law or by court order. The amendments will take effect on March 15, 2021 to allow time for technical programming necessary to implement the change. The Rules of Electronic Court Systems were drafted to facilitate public access to the courts and court records in the electronic environment with two equally important goals in mind:

  • providing maximum reasonable public access to court records, and
  • minimizing the risk of harm to individuals and entities involved in court proceedings.
The rollout of Maine eCourts and RECS is an evolving process. We will continue to modify the process and rules as we gain experience and insight with the expansion of the CMS and eFiling.

Contact: Amy Quinlan, Esq., Director of Court Communications
Phone: (207) 822-0716

Supporting documents

Press Release (PDF)

2021 Me. Rules 02 (PDF)