Supreme Judicial Court issues a revised Phased Management Plan, two Pandemic Management Orders, and a statement from Acting Chief Justice Mead

Date: 11/3/2020

The Maine Judicial Branch announced today that it has adopted a revised COVID-19 Phased Management Plan (Plan) and issued revisions of two Pandemic Management Orders, PMO-SJC-6 and PMO-SJC-7, to clarify how Maine courts are allocating limited judicial resources during the COVID-19 pandemic, including extending the date when many civil case types will be scheduled until into 2021.

In a statement from Maine Supreme Court Acting Chief Justice Andrew M. Mead, the Judicial Branch said these steps are necessary because of the extensive resources and complex planning required to schedule and conduct criminal trials and other top tier priority cases in the COVID era. Also released are new amendments to the Business and Consumer Docket Procedural Rules.

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Supporting documents

Press Release (PDF)

Phased Management Plan V5 (PDF)

Statement from Acting Chief Justice Mead (PDF)