Supreme Judicial Court issues statement regarding Maine Bar Exam

Date: 8/13/2020

Statement of the Maine Supreme Judicial Court Regarding the September 30-October 1 2020 Maine Bar Examination

In Pandemic Management Order SJC-4, issued on April 15, 2020 and revised on June 4 and July 16, 2020, in response to our concerns about the COVID-19 pandemic, we rescheduled the Maine Bar Examination from July 27-28, 2020 to September 30-Oct. 1, 2020. In light of Maine's low incidence of infection, and based on our understanding of the protocols established by the Maine Board of Bar Examiners after recent and on-going consultations with the Maine Center for Disease Control ("CDC"), we have determined that the exam will go forward as rescheduled. We will continue to monitor this situation right up until the date of the examination but, absent unforeseen circumstances, do not plan to change our order.

The Court expresses its appreciation for the extraordinary efforts the Board has taken to promote a safe exam environment, and thanks all the Board members, staff, monitors, and volunteers working diligently to achieve this objective.

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