Judicial Branch Adds Protection from Abuse and Harassment Cases to eFileMaine

Date: 6/10/2024

The Maine Judicial Branch announced today that it has added Protection from Abuse (PA) and Protection from Harassment (PH) cases to eFileMaine, the electronic filing platform currently in use for most civil and family cases in Bangor, Lewiston, Rumford, Farmington, and South Paris courts.

Attorneys and staff who file in these court locations are now required to eFile PA and PH cases using the eFileMaine platform. Attorneys should be familiar with the Maine Rules of Electronic Court Systems (MRECS) including the provisions that allow exemptions to the eFiling requirement when appropriate. People who file for a Protection Order without an attorney are not required to eFile and can continue to file for a Protection Order as they do now - by paper, in person at the courthouse, or by email.

Attorneys and parties who have eFiled PA and PH cases using the eFileMaine platform can access their cases in re:SearchMaine. Information on accessing electronic records can be found at https://www.courts.maine.gov/ecourts/access.html.

Maine eCourts is a suite of applications and web-based tools that harnesses Tyler Technologies' Enterprise Justice Software for managing court dockets and hearings, storing digital case files, electronic filing, and online payments. The new system continues to be rolled out incrementally to courts across the state. To date, Maine eCourts and eFiling has been implemented statewide for traffic cases, statewide for the Business and Consumer Docket (BCD), and in Bangor, Lewiston, Auburn, Rumford, Farmington, and South Paris courts for family and civil case types.

Please visit the Training and Resources web page for information on how to successfully eFile using eFileMaine: https://www.courts.maine.gov/ecourts/efile-resources.html.

To stay informed about Maine eCourts and other news from the Judicial Branch, please subscribe here: https://www.courts.maine.gov/news/signup.html.

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