Judicial Branch Announces Expansion of Maine eCourts to Rumford, Farmington, and South Paris Courts

Date: 2/8/2024

The Maine Judicial Branch announced today that the next implementation of Maine eCourts and eFiling is scheduled to launch on April 1, 2024 in Rumford, Farmington, and South Paris District Courts and Oxford County Superior Court for most family and civil case types. This comes just six months following a successful launch in the Lewiston District Court and Androscoggin Superior Court.

Maine eCourts is a suite of applications and web-based tools using Tyler Technologies' Enterprise Justice Solutions. The new case management and eFiling system is replacing MEJIS, the Judicial Branchs aging docketing system, and paper-based court files and processes.

Attorneys, state and local government entities, and those who file more than six cases in a calendar year will be required to eFile when the system launches on April 1, 2024. Protection from abuse and harassment, criminal, and civil violations cases will continue to be filed in paper. Self-represented litigants will not be required to eFile.

Required eFilers and legal staff are encouraged to attend one of several online trainings, review and become familiar with the Maine Rules of Electronic Court Systems (MRECS), and review additional resources on the Maine Judicial Branchs Maine eCourts web pages.

The first phase of Maine eCourts was implemented in 2018 for traffic cases statewide, followed by the Bangor District Court, Penobscot County Superior Court, the statewide Business and Consumer Docket (BCD) in 2020, and the Lewiston District Court and Androscoggin Superior Court in 2023.

To learn more about Maine eCourts, visit https://www.courts.maine.gov/ecourts/index.html

To stay informed about eFiling and other news from the Judicial Branch, sign up at: https://www.courts.maine.gov/news/signup.html

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