Judicial Branch Expands Resources for Self-Represented Litigants

Date: 6/28/2023

The Judicial Branch is pleased to announce it is expanding its resources for self-represented litigants.

Short videos on popular topics that have been released recently are:

  • The difference between a protection from abuse order and protection from harassment order;
  • How to file for divorce or parental rights and responsibilities (custody);
  • How to change or enforce a court's final order of divorce or parental rights and responsibilities; and
  • An overview of small claims court.

We have also recently release short brochures on small claims court and evicting a tenant from a residence for not paying rent.

Videos can be viewed on the Court Help Videos web page. The videos are also linked on the individual web page on the topic in question and are grouped together on the Judicial Branch's Vimeo channel.

Brochures and other self-help guides are available on the Guides and Publications web page.

More resources for self-represented litigants are in development.