York County Courthouse Project Team

Effective date: December 9, 2016 (Revised 2017)


The York County Courthouse Project Team (YCCPT) will oversee the development of plans and design for the new consolidated Courthouse in York County. The Team will receive regular input from the Stakeholders Group.

Membership in the YCCPT may be altered or augmented at the discretion of the Chief Justice. Justice Thomas E. Humphrey shall serve as Chair, unless otherwise determined by the Chief Justice and may be joined by the Chiefs of the Superior and District Court when they are available.

The Chair shall receive the assistance of the Administrative Office of the Courts and shall convene meetings of the Team as often as necessary to provide timely input and guidance to the architects and builders. The Chair shall also determine the membership and meeting times of the broad-based Stakeholders Group to assist with design decisions.

The goal of the Team and the Stakeholders group is to design a courthouse that will provide the best public service possible within available funds; assure that the building is dignified, safe, and efficient; and represent all of the best practices and current information in courthouse design related to public service, safety, and technology.

Dated: February 22, 2017

Chief Justice Leigh I. Saufley 
Maine Supreme Judicial Court

Membership Roster

  • Justice Thomas E. Humphrey, Supreme Judicial Court (Chair)
  • Justice Wayne R. Douglas, RJ - Superior Court
  • Judge Jeffrey Moskowitz, RJ - District Court
  • Magistrate Lindsay Cadwallader
  • James T. Glessner, State Court Administrator
  •  Kathy Jones, Clerk of Court
  • Tamara Rueda, Clerk of Court
  • Mike Coty, JB Marshal, or designee
  • David Packard, CIO or designee
  • Chief Justice Leigh I. Saufley, ex officio