Advisory Committee on the Rules of Professional Conduct

The Advisory Committee on the Rules of Professional Conduct recommends improvements and amendments to the Maine Rules of Professional Conduct to assist the Supreme Judicial Court with its power and duty, pursuant to 4 M.R.A. Section 8, to ensure that the Rules comply with constitutional requirements and promote high ethical standards of legal practice.

Membership Roster

Until March 1, 2025
David S. Bischoff, Esq., of Portland (1)
Maureen B. Boston, Esq., of Lewiston (2)
Michael E. Carpenter, Esq., of Houlton (1)
Tracy B. Collins, Esq., of Brewer (1)
Jeremy Pratt, Esq., of Camden (1)
Prof. Rita Heimes, of Portland (1)
Nora Sosnoff, Esq., of Augusta (Chair) (1)

Until March 1, 2025
Catherine B. Bowden, of Falmouth (1)
Reverend Geoffrey F. H. Parker, of Brunswick

Until September 1, 2026
Joy A. Trueworthy, Esq., of Levant (1)

Xi Chen, Assistant Attorney General, Maine Office of the Attorney General

Aria Eee, Bar Counsel, Board of Overseers of the Bar, Augusta

Judicial Liaison: Associate Justice Andrew M. Horton, Maine Supreme Judicial Court

Effective March 24, 2023