Advisory Committee on Probate Rules

Membership Roster

Until January 1, 2023

Kristy Hapworth, Esq., of Bangor
Tudor Goldsmith, Esq., of Portland
Miles Hunt, Esq., of Norway (Chair)

Until March 1, 2025

Avery Day, Esq., of Augusta
Katherine Griffin, Esq., of Portland
Hon. Carol Emery, of Rockland
Lauren B. Weliver, Esq., of Yarmouth

Members ex officio (President or any designee(s) of the Maine Association of Registers of Probate)
Carol Lovevoy, Register, York County Probate Court
Sharon Peavey, Register, Waldo County Probate Court

Supreme Judicial Court Liaison: Associate Justice Catherine R. Conners

Updated March 18, 2022