Probate and Trust Law Advisory Commission

The Probate and Trust Law Advisory Commission was created by the Maine Legislature for the purpose of conducting a continuing study of the probate and trust laws of Maine. 18-C M.R.S. sec.1-801. The Commission is composed of ten members who have experience in practicing probate and trust law or are knowledgeable about probate and trust law, including two Probate Court Judges, one Superior Court Justice, five members of the trusts and estates law section of the Maine State Bar Association, one member representing the interests of older people (appointed by the Governor), the Attorney General or the Attorney General's designee. The Commission examines current laws pertaining to probate and trust laws and recommends changes based on its examination. The Commission welcomes suggestions for improvements in Maine's probate and trust laws.

Type: Established by the Legislature
Chair: David J. Backer, Esq., of Portland

Membership Roster

Terms expire January 13, 2024

Justice Robert E. Murray, Washington County Superior Court 
Marianna Putnam Liddell, Esq., Portland

Terms expire March 1, 2025

David J. Backer, Esq., Portland (Chair)
Jeffrey Warren Jones, Esq., Ellsworth 
Justin D. Leblanc, Esq., Portland
Judge William M. Avantaggio, Lincoln County Probate Court
Judge Robert M. Washburn, Somerset County Probate Court
Patricia A. Nelson-Reade, Esq., Portland

Term expires November 28, 2025

Barbara Carlin, representing the interests of older people (appointed by the Governor)

Attorney General or Designee: Cody M.P. Hopkins, Esq.

Judicial Liaison: Hon. Catherine R. Connors, Supreme Judicial Court

Updated December 22, 2022