Lawyers' Fund for Client Protection

The Maine Lawyers' Fund Client Protection was created in 1997 by an order of the Maine Supreme Judicial Court. The purpose of the Fund is to promote public confidence in the administration of justice and the integrity of the legal profession, by reimbursing clients who suffer losses caused by an attorney’s dishonest conduct. Generally, such conduct involves the misuse of funds in the care of the attorney or the misappropriation of amounts for the attorney’s personal benefit. The Fund was not designed to address losses caused by legal malpractice and no amounts are payable to clients for such activity.

The Fund is administered by a Board of seven trustees, appointed by the Maine Supreme Judicial Court, including five lawyers and two non-lawyers, all of whom serve for three-year terms. All claims made to the Fund are investigated by Bar Counsel of the Board of Overseers, who formally notifies the lawyer against whom the claim is made, considers all the information, and makes a report and recommendation to the Trustees who then decide on the disposition of the claim.

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Lawyers’ Fund for Client Protection
P.O. Box 5084 Augusta, ME 04332-5084
Phone 207-623-7801

Membership Roster

Term expires August 16, 2022
Suzanne L. Johnson, Esq., Topsham

Term expires April 13, 2023
Eric Lind, Augusta

Term expires February 18, 2024
Martha C. Gaythwaite, Esq., Portland
Michael J. Pearce, Esq., Portland

Terms expire September 1, 2025
Judson Esty-Kendall, Esq., Glenburn
Richard Dana, Portland

Marci A. Alexander, Esq., Augusta (Chair)

Hon. Andrew M. Horton, Supreme Judicial Court Liaison
Updated April 11, 2022