Advisory Committee on Judicial Ethics

The Advisory Committee on Judicial Ethics renders formal and informal advisory opinions relating to the ethical and professional conduct of Maine judicial officers. The Committee also makes recommendations to the Supreme Judicial Court regarding amendments to the Maine Code of Judicial Conduct.

Type: Standing Committee
Re-established: January 1, 2010
Amended: May 6, 2019
Chair: Judge James Martemucci


Membership Roster

Terms expire July 23, 2024
Judge James Martemucci, District Court (Chair)
Judge Michael P. Roberts, District Court
Family Law Magistrate Tracie Adamson
Judge William M. Avantaggio, Maine Probate Court
Richard V. Wagner, public member 

Term expires July 26, 2024
Hon. Harold L. Stewart II, Maine Superior Court 

Term expires March 1, 2025
Michael P. Asen, Esq., attorney member 

Matthew Pollack, Esq., Clerk of the Supreme Judicial Court, Secretary to the Committee
Hon. Andrew M. Horton, Supreme Judicial Court Liaison

Updated August 12, 2022 (SJC-112)