Advisory Committee on the Rules of Evidence

The Advisory Committee on the Rules of Evidence recommends improvements and amendments to the Maine Rules of Evidence to assist the Supreme Judicial Court with its power and duty, pursuant to 4 M.R.S. Section 8, to ensure that the Rules sufficiently comply with constitutional requirements and maintain procedural efficiency but do not infringe upon the substantive rights of any litigant.

Membership Roster

Term expires April 30, 2022
Dennis Carrillo, Esq., of Augusta

Term expires August 22, 2022
Logan E. Perkins, Esq., of Belfast

Term expires July 22, 2023
Jonathan E. Selkowitz, Esq., of Portland

Terms expire March 1, 2025
Margaret E. Machaiek, Esq., of Augusta
Hunter J. Tzovarras, Esq., of Bangor

Term expires March 1, 2026
Carlos A. Diaz, Esq., of Portland (Chair)

Terms expire September 1, 2026
Jonathan Handelman, Esq., of Brunswick
Susan A. Faunce, Esq., of Lewiston

Member ex officio
Attorney General's designee, Leane Zainea, Assistant Attorney General

Jonathan Chapman, of Cape Elizabeth

Trial Court Liaisons
CJ Superior Court designee: Justice Bruce C. Mallonee
CJ District Court designee: Judge Michael P. Roberts

Supreme Court Judicial Liaison: Associate Wayne R. Douglas

Updated March 18, 2024