Court Security Advisory Committee

Type: Standing Committee
Established: October 6, 2006
Revised: January 1, 2011; March 12, 2012; February 11, 2019
Chair: Justice Thomas McKeon
Report date: July 1, annually
Reports to: Trial Chiefs and the Supreme Judicial Court


I. Purpose:

The purpose of the Advisory Committee is to advise Judicial Branch leadership on ways to enhance security and safety in all aspects of court system operations.  The Committee will assist the Director of Judicial Marshals in the preparation and implementation of plans for security improvements designed to identify and respond to security and safety needs of the public, judges, Judicial Branch employees, and all persons who utilize the services of the Maine State Court System; and to assist the Director and the Judicial Branch leadership in developing policies and strategic plans to address those needs. 

The Advisory Committee will 

  1. Review the current state of security in the Judicial Branch;
  2. Assist in the prioritization of needed improvements;
  3. Evaluate and develop budget information for support of improvement plans;
  4. Make recommendations for priority use of security when there are insufficient security resources;
  5. Make recommendations regarding use of force policies and equipment;
  6. Draft policies to support recommendations;
  7. Provide strategic support for requests that require legislative approval; and
  8. Make recommendations to the State Court Administrator, the Trial Court Chiefs, and the Chief Justice of the Supreme Judicial Court. 

II. Authority: 

The Advisory Committee may seek input, suggestions, and recommendations from individuals and groups within and outside of the Judicial Branch.  The Advisory Committee is authorized to study procedures considered by or in effect in other court systems and any other model procedures.  It is authorized to consult with any person or organization as necessary.

The Advisory Committee may, through its Chair, request such additional authority from the Chief Justice as may prove necessary to achieve the Advisory Committee’s purpose.  There is no additional funding authorized for the work of the Advisory Committee.  Clerical assistance will be provided through the office of the Chief Justice of the Superior Court.

III. Membership:

The Committee shall consist of 

One Superior Court Justice;
One District Court Judge;
One Magistrate;
One Clerk of Court;
The Director of Court Security;
One Judicial Marshal;
One County Sheriff;
The Director of Court Facilities; and 
Other members appointed by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Judicial Court.

The Chief Justice of the Supreme Judicial Court shall designate one member to serve as Committee Chair. 

IV. Meetings:

The Court Security Advisory Committee will meet on a schedule established by the Chair.  The Advisory Committee will meet no less than four times a year.  The Committee may use video conferencing to assist with meeting capacity.

V. Reporting: 

The Advisory Committee will submit a written report of its progress to the Supreme Judicial Court annually on July 1st or as otherwise requested.

VI. Committee Duration: 

The Court Security Advisory Committee will be a Standing Committee of the Judicial Branch.

Dated: February 11, 2019

Approved by: Chief Justice Leigh I. Saufley


Membership Roster

Term expires October 13, 2024
Magistrate Loralie Spooner

Terms expire March 1, 2025
District Court Judge Michael Roberts
Allan King, Judicial Marshal
Sheriff Dale Lancaster
Dylan Hanscom, Facility Engineer

Term expires September 1, 2027
Superior Court Justice Thomas McKeon, Chair

Ex Officio
Ted Ross, Director of State Judicial Marshals

Judicial Liaison
 Associate Justice Rick E. Lawrence

Roster updated May 29, 2024