Criminal Law Advisory Commission

 The purpose of the Criminal Law Advisory Commission (CLAC) is to conduct a continuing study of the criminal law in Maine.

CLAC is composed of nine members appointed by the Attorney General. The members shall serve 2-year terms and may be reappointed. The Chief Justice of the Supreme Judicial Court shall appoint four consultants to the CLAC, at least one must be an active member of the Superior Court and at least one must be an active member of the District Court. The Senate and House chairs, or their designees, serve as consultants to CLAC.

See 17-A M.R.S. section 1351.

Membership Roster

Updated 1/19/23

Until 12/31/22
Megan L. Elam, AAG, Augusta

Until 3/8/23
Kathryn M. Slattery Esq. (District Attorney, District 1), Alfred 

Until 8/21/23
Steven M. Carey, Esq., Portland  

Until 10/21/23
Walter F. McKee Esq., Augusta
Julie Sheridan, Esq., Maine Board of Overseers, Augusta

Until 10/31/24
Luke S. Rioux, Esq., Portland
Jeffrey Silverstein, Esq., Bangor
Anne Jordan, South Portland
Laura Yustak, Esq., AAG, Augusta

Court Liaison
Amanda Doherty, Esq.
Manager of Criminal Process and Specialty Dockets
Administrative Office of the Court

Associate Justice Joseph M. Jabar
Justice Harold Stewart
Judge Jeffrey H. Moskowitz
Fernand LaRochelle

Committee on Criminal Justice and Public Safety
Rep. Suzanne Salisbury (co-chair)
Senator Anne Beebe-Center (co-chair)