Committee on Judicial Conduct (formerly Judicial Responsibility and Disability Committee)

Type: Standing Committee
Established: 1978
Chair: Christine S. Gianopoulos, MPA


 Any person who has a grievance about a judge or magistrate may file a complaint with the Committee on Judicial Conduct. The Supreme Judicial Court has established the Committee to independently investigate alleged violations of the Maine Code of Judicial Conduct. A Committee investigation may result in either a recommendation for disciplinary action or a finding that no violation occurred. The Supreme Judicial Court has the final authority to decide whether to discipline a judge or magistrate.

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CJRD Annual Report-2020


Membership Roster

Membership effective May 17, 2022

Term expires November 10, 2021
Hon. Carol R. Emery, Knox County Probate Judge

Terms expire January 22, 2024
Christine S. Gianopoulos, MPA, of Greene (Chair)
Charles S. Smith, Jr., Esq., of Saco   

Terms expire March 1, 2025
Jon A. Haddow, Esq., of Bangor 
Cathy A. DeMerchant, of Vassalboro  

Term expires March 17, 2026
Hon. William Stokes, Superior Court Justice

Term expires January 27, 2027
Charles B. "Chuck" Kruger, of Thomaston

Term expires September 1, 2028
Hon. Maria Woodman, District Court Judge

Alternate Public Members
Kenneth I. Marass, Esq., of Springvale (until March 1, 2025)
Kenneth W. Bowden, of Falmouth (until January 27, 2027)

Alternate Judicial Members:
Hon. Margot Joly, Franklin County Probate Judge (unitl September 1, 2028)
Hon. Harold L. Stewart II, Superior Court Justice (until March 1, 2028)
Hon. Andrew Benson, District Court Judge (until September 1, 2028)

Executive Secretary: Cabanne Howard

Supreme Judicial Court Liaison: Associate Justice Andrew M. Horton