Advisory Committee on the Rules of Civil Procedure

Membership Roster

Until April 27, 2023
Katherine T. McGovern, Esq., of Pine Tree Legal Assistance, Portland (2)

Until July 2, 2023
Audrey B. Braccio, Esq., of Bangor (3)

Until March 25, 2024
Professor Jeffrey A. Thaler, University of Maine and Maine Law School (1)

Until October 1, 2024
Denis Culley, Esq., of Augusta (2)
Travis Brennan, Esq., of Lewiston (2)

Until September 1, 2025
Erica M. Johanson, Esq., of Portland (3)
Amy P. Dieterich, Esq., of Auburn (3)
Eric J. Wycoff, Esq., of Portland (Chair) (3)

Until September 1, 2026
Amy Olfene, Esq., of Portland (1)

Members ex officio
Thomas Knowlton, Assistant Attorney General- designee of the Attorney General
Elizabeth G. Stouder, Esq.- as Chair of the U.S.D.C. Local Rules Committee
Justice Thomas McKeon, Maine Superior Court, trial court liaison
Judge John Lucy, Maine District Court, trial court liaison


Supreme Judicial Court Liaison
Associate Justice Thomas E. Humphrey

Updated March 29, 2023