Civil Legal Services Fund Commission

The Maine Civil Legal Services Fund (Fund) was established by the Legislature in1997 as a nonlapsing fund to support civil legal services to persons who otherwise are not able to pay for these services, including low-income people or the needy elderly. The Fund is adminstered by the Supreme Judicial Court, which appoints members of the Commission to oversee the distribution of funds in accordance 4 M.R.S. section 18-A (B).

Related website: Maine Justice Foundation (The Maine Justice Foundation provides in-kind staff support to the Commission for the biennial application process, the annual reporting process by grantees, and the annual submission of reports to the Legislature's Joint Standing Committee on the Judiciary.)*

Public Notice

Notice of Public Meeting October 12, 2021 (PDF)

Applications for 2022 and 2023

The Maine Civil Legal Services Fund Commission will make funding determinations for eligible civil legal service providers for 2022 and 2023 on the basis of written applications. See the following:


2020 MCLSF Annual Report (PDF)

Membership Roster

Term expires January 1, 2024

Angela M. Farrell, Esq.

Term expires January 1, 2022

Sara A. Murphy, Esq.

Term expires January 1, 2023

Paul R. Dumas Jr., Esq.

Hon. Andrew M. Mead, Supreme Judicial Court Liaison

Updated March 30, 2021 (SJC-140)