Board of Overseers of the Bar

 The Maine Board of Overseers of the Bar was created by the Maine Supreme Judicial Court in 1978 to regulate the conduct of lawyers admitted to practice in Maine. The Board consists of six members of the Maine Bar and three public members. The lawyers are appointed by the Court, and the public members are appointed by the Court on recommendation by the Governor.

The Board enforces the Maine Bar Rules and the Maine Rules of Professional Conduct (Rules) adopted by the Court.

Under the Bar Rules, the Board appoints Bar Counsel who investigates alleged violations of the Rules and, when authorized to do so by a reviewing panel of the Grievance Commission, litigates grievance complaints at public discipinary proceedings. The Board also maintains a register of all lawyers who are members of the Bar of the State of Maine, as well as a record of the termination or suspension of the right of any lawyer to practice law in Maine.

The Board appoints members to three commissions established by the Bar Rules: the Grievance Commission, the Fee Arbitration Commission, and the Professional Ethics Commission.

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Membership Roster

Terms expire 12/1/23

Angela M. Farrell, Esq., of Bangor
Daniel J. Stevens, Esq., of Augusta

Term expires 6/18/24
Eileen M. Fahey, Esq., of Seal Harbor

Term expires 7/30/24
Alice E. Clifford, ADA, of Bangor

Terms expire 9/1/26
Ann M.S. LeBlanc, Ph.D., ABPP, of Augusta
Laura E.S. Curtis, Esq., of Rockland (Chair)
David Abramson, Esq., of Portland
Eric Beaudoin, Psy.D., of Portland
Arthur Jack Keenan, of Glenburn 

Bar Counsel: Julia Sheridan, Esq.

Aria Eee, Esq., Executive Director

Supreme Judicial Court Liaison:
Associate Justice Andrew M. Horton

Updated July 12, 2023 (SJC-52)