Board of Bar Examiners

The Board of Bar Examiners was established by the Maine Legislature (see 4 M.R.S. section 801) and is composed of nine members- seven attorney members and two public members, appointed by the Governor. The Board is responsible for processing and reviewing all applications to the Maine Bar, administering the Uniform Bar Exam in Maine, making determinations regarding the character, fitness, and eligibiity of applicants, and certifying admission of successful applicants.

Type: Established by the Legislature
Chair: Chris MacLean, Esq., of Camden

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Membership Roster

Updated: 4/29/22

Terms expire 12/31/2022
Tracy B. Collins, Esq. (Secretary)
Marianne Tarraza, NP (Treasurer)

Terms expire 12/31/2023
Kai McGintee, Esq.
Paul H. Mills, Esq.

Terms expire 12/31/2024
Jennifer Nichols Ferguson, Esq.
Andrew F. Wisch, PhD, ABPP

Term expires 12/31/2025
Chris MacLean, Esq. (Chair)

Term expires 12/31/2027
John P. Gause, Esq.
Alison Tozier, Esq.

Executive Director
Melissa K. Hansen

Supreme Judicial Court Liaison
Associate Justice Catherine Connors