Court Forms

Forms available for download are in PDF format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view or print.

Paper forms can be obtained from any District Court or Superior Court clerk's office. Many paper forms are free. There is a $5.00 charge for some forms, such as a Summons, that require the Clerk's signature and Court seal. For common kinds of cases such as divorce, protection from abuse, and small claims, the District Court clerks have packets of the necessary forms.


Maine Judicial Information System (MEJIS) Attorney Information Form and other vendor forms are available at this link:

Business and Consumer Court Forms

Civil (CV ) Forms

Criminal (CR) Forms

Family Matters

Divorce with Children

Parental Rights & Responsibilities

Divorce-No Children

Motion to Modify

Motion to Enforce

Motion for Contempt

Other FM Forms

Foreclosure Diversion Program Specific Court Forms

The Foreclosure Diversion Program uses specific court forms. Parties and attorneys are welcome to use the following:

  • One Page Answer and Request for Mediation provided by Maine Bureau of Consumer Credit Protection (fillable PDF)
  • FDP-02A, Foreclosure Mediation Information Provided by Plaintiff (fillable PDF)
  • FDP-02B, Foreclosure Mediation Information Provided by Defendant (fillable PDF)
  • FDP-03, Motion to Waive Mediation in Foreclosure Action (fillable PDF)
  • FDP-04, Motion to Continue Mediation (fillable PDF)
  • FDP-06, Request to Include Additional Participant in Foreclosure Mediation (fillable PDF)
  • FDP-07, Request to Extend Time for Foreclosure Mediation (fillable PDF)
  • FDP-10, Joint Motion to Stay Foreclosure Action Following Mediation (fillable PDF)
  • FDP-12, PORTLAND ONLY, Request for Additional Mediation (fillable PDF)
  • If you would like to make a complaint about your mediation, please use the FDP Complaint Form (fillable PDF)
  • If you would like to send comments about your mediation, please use the FDP Exit Survey (fillable PDF)
  • Description of words used in the FDP Mediator's Report (PDF)

Miscellaneous (Misc.) Forms

Money Judgment (MJ) Forms

Protection from Abuse (PA) Forms

Arabic/ العربية

Complaint for Protection from Abuse (PA-001)/ من سوء المعاملة دعوى حماية

Protection Order Service Information (PA-005)/ بيانات الإعلان بأمر الحماية

Complaint for Protection from Harassment (PA-006)/ من التحرش دعوى حماية

Defendant’s Motion (PA-010)/ طلب المدعي

Plaintiff’s Pre-Judgment Motion to Dismiss Complaint (PA-012)/ برد الدعوى الطلب السابق على الحكم من المدعي

Motion to Extend Order for Protection (PA-013)/ أمر الحماية طلب تمديد

Affidavit for Confidential Address/Telephone Number (PA-015)/ رقم تليفون سري عنوان سري/ إشهاد من أجل

French/ Français


Somali/ Soomaali

Spanish/ Español

Vietnamese/ việt


Protective Custody (PC) Forms

Small Claims (SC) Forms

Forms for Appeals