Citizen's Guide to the Courts


The Judicial Branch Citizen's Guide to the Maine Courts describes the types of cases heard in court, what the judicial process is and how it works, how a trial proceeds, and the way in which the Maine courts are organized. The Guide is intended to be helpful to citizens generally, and in particular to students, to the media, and to those who may appear in a courtroom, whether as a juror, as a party or as a witness in a trial.

Originally authored by William H. Coogan for the Maine Judicial Council and published by The Maine Bar Foundation 1987. Revised and reformatted for internet publication in 1997, in 2002, and again in 2004
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Part I: What the Courts Do

Part II: Court Organization

Part III: Visiting the Courts

Additional publications are available on this site, at the various clerks' offices, or at the Administrative Office of the Courts and include the following: