What are the responsibilities of a juror?

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PLEASE DO NOT BE LATE IN REPORTING FOR JURY DUTY. Until all jurors are present, the trial cannot proceed.

Once you have been sworn in, you are officially a juror.  Your conduct as a juror during the trial is extremely important. A person’s freedom or livelihood may be affected by your actions.

The verdict of the jury is to be based solely on the evidence presented in the courtroom. To ensure that the verdict is based on the evidence presented, that jurors remain impartial and objective and that they receive the same information in a case, certain standards have been set

• Jurors are allowed to take notes on the trial ONLY upon order of the trial judge.
• Jurors may not ask questions of witnesses.
• Jurors should not talk about the case with anyone, or with other jurors until the case is submitted to the jury for deliberation.
• As the verdict is to be based only on evidence admitted in the case, do not investigate the case on your own.
• Do not read accounts of the trial in the newspaper or listen to them on television or the radio.
• Above all, remain objective and pay strict attention to the testimony given in each case.
• If anyone tries to talk to you about the case, refuse to listen and report the incident to the judge at the earliest possible time.
• The court will instruct you as to any further precautions to be taken in a given case.


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