Judicial Branch Transparency and Privacy Task Force

The Maine Supreme Judicial Court held a public hearing on Thursday, June 7, 2018, at the Capital Judicial Center in Augusta, in Courtroom 7, to receive oral comments regarding access to electronic court records as electronic filing is implemented. The recording of the public hearing is in two parts. Click on the links below to listen to the recordings.

Report of the Maine Judicial Branch Task Force on Transparency and Privacy in Court Records (PDF, 3MB)

  1. Charter (PDF, 43KB)
  2. Membership Roster (PDF, 19KB)
  3. Tentative Meeting Schedule (PDF 1MB)

  4. Meeting Materials
  5. Task Force Working Documents
    1. Categorization of Statutes, Rules, and Administrative Orders (PDF, 146KB) (added 5/17/17)

  6. Overview of State and Federal Research
    1. CCJ/COSCA Guidelines (PDF, 122KB)
    2. Updated CCJ/COSCA Guidelines (PDF, 582KB)
    3. Federal PACER Information
      1. Introduction to Federal Approach (PDF, 94KB)
      2. PACER Information
      3. F. R. Civ. P. 5.2 (PDF, 81KB)
      4. F. R. Crim. P. 49.1 (PDF, 75KB)
      5. F. R. App. P. 25 (PDF, 72KB)
      6. F. R. Bankr. P. 9037 (PDF, 76KB)
      7. Official Federal Court Rules
    4. Selected State Overview (XLS, 37KB)
    5. Indiana’s 2016 15 State Survey (PDF, 261KB)
    6. NCSC Privacy/Public Access to Court Records State Links (added ​5/1/17)
    7. Law Review Articles
      1. D.R. Jones, Protecting the Treasure: An Assessment of State Court Rules and Policies for Access to Online Civil Court Records, 61 Drake L. Rev. 375 (2013). (PDF, 473KB)
      2. Kristin M. Makar, Taming Technology in the Context of the Public Access Doctrine: New Jersey’s Amended Rule 1:38, 41 Seton Hall Law Review 1071 (2011) (PDF, 273KB)
      3. Peter W. Martin, Online Access to Court Records-From Documents to Data Particulars to Patterns, 53 Vill. L. Rev. 872 (2008) (PDF, 5MB))
      4. Lynn Sudeck, Placing Court Records Online: Balancing the Public and Private Interests, 27 The Justice System Journal 3 (2006) (PDF, 124KB)
    8. Florida Framework
      1. Florida Enabling Legislation (PDF, 136KB)
      2. Florida Administrative Rule (PDF, 209KB)
      3. Standards Related to Florida Access Security Matrix April 2016 (PDF, 211KB)
      4. Florida Access Security Matrix (XLS, 191KB) (added 5/26/17)
      5. Clerk Training Powerpoint (PDF, 197KB)
      6. Okaloosa County Court Records Disclaimer (PDF, 53KB) (McKenney; added 6/13/17)
    9. Rhode Island Judiciary
      1. Rules of Practice Governing Public Access to Electronic Case Information (PDF, 238KB)
      2. 2016 Amendments (PDF, 118KB)
      3. Electronic Record Access (added 5/17/17)
    10. Remote Public Access to Electronic Court Records: A Cross-Jurisdictional Review for the D.C. Courts (added 5/17/17)
    11. New England States Overview (PDF, 359KB)

  7. Overview of Maine Specific Research
    1. TECRA Report 2005 (PDF, 2MB)
    2. Behind the Courthouse Door and Attachments (added 4/26/17)
    3. Statutory Authorization: Supreme Judicial Court Control of Records (4  M.R.S.  7 ) (PDF, 10KB)
    4. Maine’s Authorities (statutes, court rules, & administrative orders) Regarding Access and Confidentiality (XLSX, 416KB) (revised 8/10/17)
    5. Maine Legislature's Searchable Exceptions to Maine’s Freedom of Access laws

  8. Member Provided Information
    1. OPLA's Public Record Exception Review Checklist (PDF, 77KB ) (Leary; added 4/26/17)
    2. Washington Post Article: Can you get a court to take an opinion that mentions you off its Google-searchable website? (PDF, 176KB) (Berry; added 5/17/17)
    3. Additions to Legal Landscape (PDF, 126KB) (Guffin; added 5/17/17)
    4. Fair Information Privacy Practices and Privacy Impact Assessment Email (PDF, 116KB) (Guffin; added 5/24/17)
    5. CIRCULAR NO. A-130: Managing Information as a Strategic Resource (PDF, 537KB) (Guffin; added 5/24/17)
    6. Unsealed Fate [Juvenile Records] (Staples; added 6/1/17)
    7. Strengthening the Lock on the Bedroom Door [Divorce Records] (Teeter-Trumpy; added 6/1/17)
    8. Selected Federal Information Regarding Internet Publication of PAs (McKenney; added 6/1/17)
    9. Court Compass: Mapping the Future of User Access through Technology (Haycock; added 6/5/17)
    10. Public Access to Judicial Proceedings and Records in Maine (PDF, 266KB) (Leary; added 6/7/17)
    11. RCFP Maine Courts Memo (PDF, 46KB) (Leary; added 6/7/17) (Posted with permission of the author. Any comments or suggestions about content welcome and may be sent to Attorney Schutz directly.)
    12. CONSERVATORSHIP OF EMMA (Appellate Documents)
      1. Appellant Brief (PDF, 340KB) (added 6/13/17)
      2. Appellee Brief (PDF, 795KB) (Leary; added 6/13/17)
      3. Reply Brief (PDF, 107KB) (added 6/13/17)
      4. Law Court Opinion, 2017 ME 1 (PDF, 64KB) (added 6/13/17)
    13. Alison Frankel, “No ‘right to be forgotten” even if record is expunged,” Reuters, (Jan. 28, 2015) (Guffin; added 8/3/17)
    14. Kacey Deamer, “Expungement of criminal records doesn’t make report false,” Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, (Jan. 31, 2011) (Guffin; added 8/3/17)
    15. Martin v. Hearst, No. 13-3315 (S.D.N.Y. Jan. 28, 2015) (Guffin; added 8/3/17)
    16. G.D. v. Kenny et al, Findlaw.com, (N.J. Jan. 31, 2011) (Guffin; added 8/3/17)

  9. Comments in Response to Task Force Report Received Through December 15, 2017
    1. American Civil Liberties Union of Maine
    2. Daniel Amory
    3. James Campbell
    4. Courthouse News Service
    5. Thomas A. Cox
    6. District Court judges
    7. Michael Doyle
    8. Darren Fishell
    9. Peter J. Guffin
    10. James H. Henderson
    11. Mal Leary
    12. Maine Public
    13. Maine Coalition Against Sexual Assault and other organizations
    14. Maine Community Law Center
    15. Maine Freedom of Information Coalition
    16. Robert Edmond Mittel
    17. Maine Press Association
    18. Andrea Najarian
    19. New England First Amendment Coaliti
    20. Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press and other organizations
    21. Stephen J. Schwartz
    22. John P. Simpson
    23. Zachary J. Smith
    24. Society of Professional Journalists, Maine Pro Chapter
    25. Sun Journal
    26. Thomas D. Warren

  10. Follow-up Comments in Response to Initial Round of Comments
    1. Maine Freedom of Information Coalition
    2. Gerald F. Petruccelli
    3. Zachary J. Smith

For more information email TAP@courts.maine.gov.