Judicial Branch Advisory Committee on Fees

Judicial Branch Advisory Committee on Fees (PDF)

Type: Advisory Committee
October 6, 2008
Chairs: Thomas E. Humphrey, Chief Justice; Ann M. Murray, Chief Judge
Report date: Preliminary Report January 30, 2009 and upon request of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Judicial Court
Reports to: Supreme Judicial Court & State Court Administrator
Completion date: July 1, 2009

I. Purpose:
The Advisory Committee on Fees is established by the Supreme Judicial Court to provide a comprehensive review of the Maine Judicial Branch?s fee structure and allocation.

II. Duties:
The Advisory Committee shall review all fees charged by the Judicial Branch and all revenue generated by fees. In addition, the Advisory Committee will examine the types of fees and the policy considerations behind the assessment and allocation of those fees.

After careful deliberation, the Advisory Committee shall make recommendations for modification of the fee schedule set out at JB-05-26, including, but not limited to, recommendations for: the redistribution of the burden of the fees; sliding scales for certain fees; elimination of any fee or class of fees; increases in specific fees; and any other modifications to the fee schedule that will serve the interests of justice, balance the burden of the fees, and maintain revenues at a rate reasonably similar to current revenues. The Advisory Committee may recommend alternative ways to structure the fee schedule so as to eliminate financial burdens created by the fee schedule.

III. Authority:
The Advisory Committee may seek input, suggestions, and recommendations from individuals and groups within and outside the Judicial Branch and may invite consultants to its meetings as needed. Advisory Committee members may consult with others at the request of the Chairs.

IV. Membership
The Advisory Committee shall consist of the following individuals:
Chief Justice Thomas E. Humphrey Co-Chair
Chief Judge Ann M. Murray, Co-Chair
Deborah B. Carson, Chief Finance Officer
Tammy Webb, Field Operations Specialist
Professor Peter L. Murray
and representatives of the following stakeholder groups:
Maine State Bar Association;
Maine Trial Lawyers Association;
Legal Services Organizations;
Maine Civil Liberties Union;
and Other Members at the Recommendation of the Chairs or As designated by the Chief Justice.

V. Meetings: The Advisory Committee shall meet as often as is necessary to fulfill its responsibilities. The Chair shall schedule the meetings of the Advisory Committee.

VI. Reporting:
The Committee shall provide a preliminary report to the Supreme Judicial Court and State Court Administrator by January 30, 2009, a final report by June 30, 2009, and shall report at other times as requested by the Chief Justice.

VIII. Duration:
Unless its charter is extended by the Chief Justice, the Advisory Committee will have completed its work and cease to exist on July 1, 2009. Dated: October 7, 2008

Dated:? October 7, 2008

Approved by: /s/ Leigh I. Saufley Chief Justice, Maine Supreme Judicial Court


Judicial Branch Members
Hon. Thomas E. Humphrey, Chief Justice of the Superior Court (Co-Chair)
Hon. Ann Murray, Chief Judge of the District Court (Co-Chair)
Deborah B. Carson, Chief Finance Officer
Tammy Webb, Field Operations Specialist

Stakeholder Representatives & Other Members
Mike Dowd, Media;
Diane Dusini, Maine State Bar Association;
Nan Heald, Pine Tree Legal Assistance;
Zachary Heiden, Maine Civil Liberties Union;
Sara Gagne-Holmes, Maine Bar Foundation;
Matthew Goldfarb, Small Claims/Disclosures;
Daniel Kagan, Maine Association of Trial Lawyer; and
Professor Peter Murray, Consultant