Business and Consumer Court

Business and Consumer Court Clerk's Office
205 Newbury Street, Ground Floor
Portland, Maine 04101
Telephone number: (207) 822-3220

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General Scope and Purpose

The Business and Consumer Court, also known as the BCD, is a statewide docket comprised of selected actions involving business and/or consumer disputes, and is managed by two judges from either trial court designated by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Judicial Court.

The goals of the Business and Consumer Court are to provide predictable judicial action in selected cases involving business and or consumer disputes, avoid placing unnecessary burdens on the court and the litigants in such cases, keep litigation costs reasonable, and promote an effective and efficient process for resolving such disputes.

Cases that may be considered for transfer to the Business and Consumer Court are jury and nonjury civil actions and family matters that do not involve children, in which:

  1. The principal claim or claims involve matters of significance to the transactions, operation or governance of a business entity and/or the rights of a consumer arising out of transactions or other dealings with a business entity, and
  2. The case requires specialized and differentiated judicial management.