Preparing for Family Matters Mediation

Mediation is held in many Family Matters cases, which include both divorce cases and cases in which unmarried parents seek an order to award them parental rights and responsibilities. It could also include grandparents' contact with their grandchildren, adoption, or guardianship of minors. Mediation is ordered if parties don't agree about what should happen.

At mediation in divorce cases, the parties will discuss future plans for parenting their children (if they have minor children), as well as financial and property issues. In cases that involve unmarried parents seeking parental rights, the parties will discuss future plans for parenting, such as how to make decisions about the children's medical care and schooling, where the children will live, and child support. 

For more information on how to prepare for mediation, please see the brochure How to Get the Most Out of Mediation in Your Family Matters case, as well as the video Mediation in Family Matters cases.