Office of Court ADR

What is the Office of Court Alternative Dispute Resolution?

The Office of Court Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is part of the Maine Administrative Office of the Courts. It includes the Court Alternative Dispute Resolution Service (CADRES).

ADR is available in every court and in every county in Maine. The Office of Court ADR oversees and maintains eight statewide rosters of individuals who are eligible to provide ADR services to parties in different court cases.

The statewide ADR rosters are:

The Office of Court ADR receives applications from neutrals who wish to be added to the rosters twice yearly. It offers orientation to neutrals who are selected, as well as continuing education training programs for those who are on the court rosters.

The Office of Court ADR supervises neutrals on the court rosters and investigates complaints about their performance as mediators, arbitrators or evaluators. If you have a complaint, please contact Diane E. Kenty, Director at 822-0719 or or with our complaint form (PDF).

After a mediation in a Family Matters , Small Claims or Forcible Entry and Detainer (eviction )case, the mediator will provide all parties with a copy of the "Exit Questionnaire" to fill out about the mediation session. You can mail it in the envelope provided or put it in the envelope, seal it and give it to the mediator. If mailing , please sent to:

Administrative Office of the Court ADR
P.O. Box 4820
Portland, ME 04112-4820

Oversight is provided by the CADRES Committee, which is established by law in 4 M.R.S.A. 18-B. The CADRES Committee, which is composed of judges, court administrators and mediators, decides policy and monitors the use of ADR in the Maine state courts.

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