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Motor Vehicle Statues
Title 29 and Title 29-A

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The Violations Bureau (VB) is part of the Maine Judicial Branch and its caseload falls under the jurisdiction of the Maine District Court. The VB began operating in January 1992 its purpose was to centralize the handling of the high volume traffic infraction caseload statewide and to promote uniformity of traffic infraction fines across the State of Maine.

The VB has 13.5 staff members including the Manager. Other positions at the bureau include one administrative clerk, two team leaders, one accounts clerk and 8 assistant clerks and 1 part time assistant clerk. The current staffing level has been in place since October of 2002 when approval for a part time position was received.

Tickets processed by the Violations Bureau are called “Violations Summons and Complaints”. They are issued by over 160-law enforcement agencies across the State and then sent to the Violations Bureau. Once received these tickets are manually entered into the case management system by VB staff.

Violators have 20 days from the date of violation to answer their tickets. Violators have the option to contest or admit their ticket. Those violators who ignore their ticket will receive a default judgment after the 20 days have passed. Tickets with a timely contested answer are scheduled for hearing in the appropriate jurisdictional District Court. The VB coordinates the scheduling of the hearings within the courts, together with the notification of the needed prosecution and law enforcement personnel who need to appear for those hearings. After the Court date, the paperwork is sent back to the VB for entry of the disposition.

When tickets are received by the VB with a plea of admit and payment, information about the ticket must be entered by VB staff if the ticket is not available in the case management system before a payment can be posted.

Tickets received with a plea of admit and no payment as well as tickets that are defaulted are sent letters by the VB to the last known address stating that payment is due in 30 days and that failure to pay will result in a suspension.

All convictions are reported to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles according to Maine Revised Statutes Title 29-A .

The clerks at the Violations Bureau received 139,328 traffic tickets in FY'08. Revenue collected and dedicated primarily to the General Fund and Highway Fund totaled $19,693,943.