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Supreme Judicial Court

The Supreme Judicial Court is the governing body of the Judicial Branch.
Sitting as the Law Court, is the court of final appeal.

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Sanford High School

Photo courtesy of the Portland Press Herald
Oral Arguments at Sanford High School

Justice Gorman and Justice Mead

Photo courtesy of the Bangor Daily News
Maine Supreme Judicial Court justices Andrew M. Mead and Ellen A. Gorman applaud the appointment of a new attorney Teresa E. Sears of Robbinston on Thursday, Oct. 30, 2008, who was the first lawyer to be appointed in Washington County in 40 years

Chief Justice and Justice Clifford

Photo courtesy of the Bangor Daily News

Chief Justice Leigh I. Saufley, left, Justice Andrew Mead, center, and Justice Robert Clifford, right, meet with other Maine Supreme Judicial Court justices behind the scenes at Bangor High School before hearing oral arguments in several cases there.

Law Court School Visits 2008

The Maine Supreme Judicial Court traveled to five High Schools to hear oral arguments in actual appeal cases in October 2008.

The Court visited Sanford High School, Cony High School, Winthrop High School, Bangor High School, and Shead High School in Eastport, Maine.

This was the fourth year that the Law Court has traveled to present civics in the schools. Chief Justice Saufley said, "this program offers a wonderful opportunity for the Court to present actual cases and controversies to students in their own schools."

The Supreme Judicial Court has made visiting local schools an annual tradition. Chief Justice Leigh Saufley, in her annual State of the Judiciary address to the Legislature on February 5, 2008, invited legislators to host the Court in their districts.

The goal of these visits is to provide high school students with insight to the inner workings of Maine's highest court. The response from Legislators was tremendous and the Court increased the number of school visits.

    • Representatives Joan Nass (District 144 Sanford) and Andrea Boland (District 142 Sanford) arranged for the Court to visit Sanford High School.

    • Senate Majority Leader Elizabeth H. Mitchell (District 24, Senator Kennebec) arranged for the Court to visit Cony High School, located in Augusta.

    • District 82 Representative Patrick S.A. Flood (Winthrop) arranged for the Court to visit Winthrop High School .

    • Senator Joseph C. Perry (District 32, Senator Penobscot) arranged for the Court to visit Bangor High School on Wednesday, October 29, 2008.

    • District 29 Senator Kevin L. Raye (Washington) arranged for the Court to visit Shead High School, located in Eastport.

Faculty and administrators at each school worked very hard in their efforts to welcome the court. Teachers at each school prepared educational materials for their students and work to provide contextual information for this unique experience.

The October 2009 school visits are already scheduled. Legislators wishing to arrange for a school visit in their districts in 2010 and beyond, should contact Mary Ann Lynch, Director of Public Information, at 592-5940 or