Procedures Applicable to a Plaintiff in a Protection Case - Service of the Complaint and Related Forms

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H. Service of the Complaint and Related Forms.

Generally, the court will arrange service of a temporary order on an in-state defendant. To speed up service, however, the court may ask you to take the papers to the police department or sheriff's office. You should call the sheriff's department or police department to find out when the papers are served on the defendant.

If no temporary order is issued or if the defendant lives outside of Maine, you should consult with the clerk of courts to assist in the arrangement for service of the complaint and related forms on the defendant in the State where the defendant resides. You will not have to pay for service of any abuse, sexual assault or stalking papers or harassment papers based on sexual assault, domestic violence or stalking.

I. If the Plaintiff Changes His/Her Mind.

If you decide not to continue with the case, you should tell the clerk as soon as possible. The clerk will ask you to make a request to "dismiss" the case in writing. The judge may want to speak with you before dismissing the case.

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